Caring For the Skin Daily Facial Skin Care

Caring For the Skin Daily Facial Skin Care

A gentle daily cleansing and good moisturizing care will help keep your best face. Quality skin care products, chosen to fit the specific skin type and the skin problem, can protect the facial skin from aggressive external influences such as the sun, hot and cold climates and air pollution. They can also help soothe irritated skin, restore it to a healthy state and thus help prevent the onset of skin diseases.


  • Four basic steps

Best skin care involves four basic steps: cleaning, toning, caring and protecting.

  • Cleaning

Thorough cleaning is the first step to effective skin care. The cleansing removes dirt, sweat, sebum and makeup and prepares the skin for the best face. Clean skin is more capable of absorbing the active components of skin care products.

  • Toning

The tonic eliminates any residue from the cleanser, refreshes the skin and restores its natural ph.

  • Caring

Care products moisturize and replenish skin. Many also address and treat specific skin problems.

  • Protect skin from sunlight

Although many day creams already include a sun protection factor (SPF), usually 15, in many situations your skin will require a higher SPF. Facial Photo Protectors may be applied in addition to or instead of your usual day cream.

  • Protect Skin In Night

Use a skin care products at night to nourish your skin and help support night time regeneration. Then apply an eye contour to the delicate area around the eyes.

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