The 10 Best Products to Take Care of Your Face

The 10 Best Products to Take Care of Your Face

In the infinite universe of creams, serums and gels to take care of day to day skin of the face, one can be lost quickly. We avoid the problem with the list of the skin care products that make the way easier and effective (recommended by an expert).

Remember: beyond cost, constancy always bears fruit.


  • Global Anti-aging wake up balm

From the moment you distribute the skin care products it looks brighter, especially if your skin is dull. Its micro particles reflect the light, which gives an instant freshness; so it is ideal to apply it when waking up or when you want to hide the tiredness. Thanks to its anti-aging ingredients you can use it alone or on the cream.

Global Anti-aging wake up balm Cost is, $ 62 dollars


Treat the delicate skin around the eyes with this formula that tones and helps give it a more youthful look. In addition, its emollient is ideal for people who suffer from dryness in this area and is also perfect for those who want to fight the bags under the eyes.

LORACHE-POSAY Cost is, $ 44.99.

  • Dior

Its star ingredient is the nectar of the Granville rose which attacks the flaccidity of the skin around the eyes, dark circles and swelling; in addition this flower also gives its aroma. The applicator that accompanies this cream, if used correctly, promises to enhance its effect. Its luxurious texture truly revives this delicate area.

Exceptional regenerating eye care, Dior, Cost is, $ 215 dollars. 

  • Givenchy

Vitamin E, polyphenols (natural antioxidants) and hyaluronic acid are the three key ingredients of this new cream that seeks to combat the signs of aging. Its silky texture melts in the skin and every time you apply it you will have a comforting sensation. Its mission is to give the facial softness, radiance and a healthier appearance. 

L’intemporel global youth silky sheer, Givenchy, Neiman Marcus, $ 165 dollars

  • Olay Pro X

This brush has three different speeds and two heads, one with soft bristles and another of sponge that are exchanged according to the type of cleaning you require. The lowest speed works for a gentle cleaning, the mean for a deeper and the more powerful for a microdermabrasion, which must be performed at most once a week.

Olay Pro X, Olay, $ 40 dollars. 

  • Kiehl’s

Go with the experts of the brand to evaluate the condition of your skin and according to your needs give you a personalized preparationIntegrate this serum into your morning beauty routine (if it does not contain retinol) and at night. Apply to clean skin before moisturizing and night cream.

It can only be used during the first 6 months from the date of manufacture.

Photecary preparations, Kiehl’s, $ 36 dollars.

  • Skinceuticals

This sunscreen is one of our favorite’s skin care products because of the lightness of its texture. It also has a color infusion that increases the luminosity of the skin.

Physical fusion UV defense, Skinceuticals, $ 34 dollars.

  • Sephora

Each of these facial waters moisturizes the skin and also has an extra function. Truth gives her a boost of energy and moisturizes her. Nurture me, is ideal for when you feel the face irritated (it is soothing), while Grease relief is a lotion that gives a matte finish and eliminates the shine of the skin. Because of their size they are ideal for transporting them when traveling.

Facial water trio, Ole Henriksen, Sephora, $ 18 dollars.

  • Neutrogena

The price-quality ratio of this product is excellent. Helps control acne and blackheads. Salicylic acid prevents skin pores from becoming clogged with bacteria. After using it I can say that I have noticed my face much cleaner, smoother and pores free of impurities.

Pink grapefruit foaming scrub, Neutrogena, $ 7.99.

  • Palmer’s

Perfect to remove makeup, it dissolves quickly from the moment it makes contact with the skin. Being an effective oil removes the formulas of long duration, just like the ones resistant to the water. When cleaning the skin with a little water, this cleanser does not leave a greasy feeling.

Skin cleansing oil therapy, Palmer’s, $ 7.99.


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